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BMW 6 Series
Vehicle Special Offers and Overview - in the Queens, NY area

BMW 6 Series
Vehicle Special Offers and Overview In the Douglaston, New York area

Comfort & Convenience

iDrive 4.2: Now with Touchpad

The new iDrive 4.2 navigation system showcases an optimized menu display with state-of-the-art technologies, like advanced real-time traffic data. And, a new iDrive rotary controller with an integrated touchpad makes it easy for drivers on the go to enter destinations, phone numbers and more.

Voice Command

This system allows you to dial, add or delete stored telephone numbers hands-free. It can also activate numerous navigation system functions and record up to five minutes of notes. The Voice Command button must be pressed before each use, so conversations won't accidentally activate the phone or other systems.

Climate Zone Ventilation

Electronic climate zone controls allow the driver to select a lower air temperature for around the head and chest than in the footwell. With automatic recirculation control, when a sensor detects certain pollutants in the air, such as carbon monoxide or ethanols, it automatically switches to recirculating air. Twin active-charcoal micro-filters significantly help reduce air pollutants, such as dust, bacteria and odors, from entering the cabin.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology

Bluetooth® wireless technology connects mobile phones enabled with Bluetooth® to a vehicle for hands-free calling. With the use of a compatible Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone, a driver can place and answer calls, and browse and select phonebook contacts from their phone, simply by using the multifunction steering wheel controls and radio keys.


BMW Apps

Part of ConnectedDrive, lets you access Social Networks, music PlugIn and Video Playback through your iPhone, and see them on the Display screen (requires Navigation). Tune in to Web Radio and search for stations from around the globe by name, location or genre. You can store your favorite entries on your iPhone so you can take them with you from one vehicle to another. Access content from your Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay on top of what's happening with friends and family and enjoy music on-demand with Pandora Radio.

Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System

The optional Bang & Olufsen High-End Surround Sound System features 16 perfectly integrated loudspeakers that deliver a rich sound. Thanks to the patented Acoustic Lens Technology, every passenger-wherever they are seated in the cabin-enjoys an equal distribution of brilliant sound. And in true BMW style, the Surround Sound System blends aesthetics and function for a truly alluring design.

HD Radio

Over 2,000 radio stations throughout the United States are currently broadcasting with advanced HD Radio technology. FM stations now have CD-quality sound and AM stations now have FM-quality sound. What's more, many stations multicast up to 3 different formats over the same frequency.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Welcome to the world of SiriusXM. With the Sirius All Access package, you'll hear every channel available in your BMW, including commercial-free music, plus sports, news, talk, entertainment and all of our premium programming. You'll also get SiriusXM Internet Radio, so you can bring SiriusXM with you wherever you go-on your computer, smartphone and tablet. It's our ultimate package, giving you everything you want, everywhere you want to listen. If your BMW is equipped with iDrive, you can also select SiriusXM channels through your vehicle's iDrive system or voice command, and enter them into the programmable memory buttons.

Performance & Efficiency

3.0-Liter, TwinPower Turbo 6-Cylinder Engine, 315 hp

This unique engine combines a twin-scroll TwinPower Turbo, High Precision Direct Injection, and BMW's Valvetronic variable intake technology that helps the engine "breathe" better. The result: turbo lag is virtually eliminated, while posting one of the most fuel-efficient ratings in its class. The engine develops maximum output of 315 hp at 5800 rpm, redlining at 6000 rpm. Peak torque of 330 lb-ft kicks in almost immediately at 1400 rpm and continues to push you back in your seat all the way to 4500 rpm.

xDrive, Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System

The intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system analyzes the data collected by the vehicle electronics-such as wheel speeds, steering angle, yaw rate and engine torque-and varies the torque split between the front and rear wheels in line with requirements, performing lightning-fast adjustments. Based on its data analysis, the system is able to recognize whether the vehicle is able to follow the course set by the steering wheel, or whether there is a risk of oversteer or understeer. The electronically controlled multi-plate clutch responds within milliseconds to channel more power to the rear wheels, thus preventing understeer. You are simply left to enjoy the superb dynamic performance of the 6 Series-for unadulterated driving pleasure.

8-Speed Sport Automatic Transmission with Driving Dynamics Control

The close spacing of gear ratios in this 8-speed Sport automatic transmission makes maximum use of the optimum rev range, reducing fuel consumption and allowing smoother shifts.

Active Roll Stabilization

Active Roll Stabilization is an active suspension control system designed to reduce body-roll, or lean, while cornering. This improves the vehicle's suspension geometry (the degree of wheel angle relative to vertical).

Safety & Security

Adaptive LED Headlights

Debuting in the BMW 6 Series, bright LED illumination makes traffic signs and other objects along the road easier to see. This helps reduce eye fatigue and increase comfort during long-distance driving.

LED technology is used exclusively for both high and low beams, as well as in all four Corona headlight rings. At speeds of up to 35 mph, LED cornering lights automatically light up the side of the road when turning. At faster speeds, the Adaptive Headlights feature automatically swivels the headlights to illuminate the road around bends, based on your steering wheel movements. LED lights are also used in the High Beam Assistant feature and in the turn signal indicators.

Full Color Head-Up Display

Projects important travel information, such as vehicle speed and check control warnings, onto the windshield directly in your field of vision. For the first time, all Head-Up Display data is shown in full color, making information more precise and easier to process. Additional information including Navigation directional arrows and instructions, Lane Departure Warning messages and warnings from the BMW Night Vision with Pedestrian detection system can also be displayed.

Parking Assistant

Now BMW can do even more for you with Parking Assistant. Using ultrasonic sensors, this driver assistant system searches for and measures potential parking spaces when traveling at speeds of up to 22mph. When a space at least four feet longer than your vehicle is spotted, just shift into reverse and Parking Assistant takes control of steering your vehicle into the spot.

BMW Assist eCall and TeleServices

In an emergency, BMW Assist eCall, now standard in all BMWs, automatically sends your location and relevant information to police and EMT services, saving critical time when you need it most. Also standard, with BMW Teleservices, your BMW knows exactly when the next servicing appointment is coming up and informs you about any maintenance requirements. Your BMW Service Center will call you to arrange an appointment. Wherever you are, your BMW Service Center is at your side.

Night Vision

Night Vision is BMW's amazing system that lets you see pedestrians or animals up to 328 yards ahead - in the dark. Using an infrared camera built into the front of the vehicle, you will be able to see potential road hazards displayed on your navigation system monitor, and avoid them well before they are visible to the naked eye. This optional feature will make night driving far more pleasurable and worry-free.

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